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Another dungeon virgin has finally gotten up the courage to come to Mistress Gemini and She knows exactly what he needs and longs for. He need serious work in manners, following commands and posture but Gemini does find in him an eagerness to serve and a hunger for pain and humiliation that does seem to delight her. She ties his nose back like a pig and spits in his face and has him snort for her. She verbally breaks him down while he is restrained and she introduces his ass to the crop and her open hand. He eagerly licks her leather boots and the filthy soles with the ground in dirt clean. She makes him wear another humiliating mask that does get in the way of his tongue when Gemini sits on his face and she binds his balls up tight. He groans and wiggles when she uses her nails on this bound balls and flicks them. Then She flogs and crops his chest and inner thighs and of course works his balls to find out what he's made of. Gemini is delighted to find he laughs the worse the pain gets and feel there is potential in this young guy.

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